Why go solar?

Before making a decision to purchase a solar power system and which solar retailer to go with, we recommend you undertake some basic research. ...

How it works

Whenever the sun shines, the solar cells generate electricity. The grid connect inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar ...

How to shop

Before making a decision to purchase a solar power system and which solar retailer to go with, we recommend you undertake some...

Will it work?

Solar will work for most homes in South Australia. The optimumn conditions for the best average production throughout the year are....

Get a Quality Solar Electricity Power System from Newman Mundy Electrical

Before buying a solar electricity system in Adelaide, we advise our customers to do some research into solar power and to ask questions they might have before speaking to a solar retailer or professional company. Please look through this CEC consumer guide for more information on solar power installation and use in Adelaide.

Newman Mundy Electrical is a Solar Power Company in Adelaide that Takes the Time to Install it Right

After arming yourself with some knowledge about solar power in Adelaide, you're ready to speak to a company in the know. When you're ready to look at buying your solar electricity system, the team from Newman Mundy Electrical (NME) will come to your Adelaide area home and do a shade analysis to design a setup with the highest output. Once we have worked out maximum capacity for your system, our company will guide you on recommended system size and talk about installation. We sort out the paper work with your retailer to get your import/export meter supplied and installed by ETSA. Most solar power installations in Adelaide can be installed in 1 day. As one of the most thorough companies in the area, we will also run through how the system works and how to keep it running at its peak.

Don't be Fooled by Cheap Solar Electricity Systems In Adelaide from Lesser Companies

Be wary of cheaply priced solar systems from other companies. Solar installation is a large investment that should last for a long time. Solar electricity companies selling cheap systems often use poor quality panels and inverters. They may have warranties, but the companies that make them won't be around for very long and you will be left with a warranty and no company to lodge it with. Always buy from quality companies and manufacturers that have been around awhile, as they will be the ones here in another 15 to 20 years. You can count on a company like Newman Munday to help with choosing solar installation and much more.